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The Premise  ‘No Boundaries Radio’ is a podcast series hosted by Scott M. Graves.   NBR sparks conversation with entrepreneurs and creative class warriors who are bringing innovation and creativity to their enterprise.  Guests hail from a wide variety of sectors including agribusiness, software development, gaming, arts and culture, energy, financial services and management consulting. ‘No Boundaries Radio’ empowers its listeners by educating them on essential business tools.  NBR offers a world perspective for garnering small business opportunities at home and abroad.

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What to Expect

Where do we record? ‘No Boundaries Radio’ records on an ongoing basis in several regions and at events in New England.  Contact No Boundaries Marketing for scheduling.  Many guests hail from around the world.  Arrangements  are made for call-in when applicable.


Arrive on time  We suggest you arrive within 30 minutes prior to your scheduled show time.  This will allow you time to relax, meet with other guests and personnel, have a beverage and otherwise be better prepared for a great show.  Allow for one hour of recording.  We strive to maintain our schedule.  Please make every effort to attend.  In the event you cannot attend please contact Scott immediately by calling 978-884-6596. 

Format  Your host Scott Graves will ensure your show has the right momentum and that you are given ample opportunity to shine!  Generally we will record for 15 or 30 minutes.  All station breaks, incidental music and other trailers are added later.  We are recording so do not worry about making mistakes.  There are no mistakes, there are only happy accidents! (remember Bob Ross when you were a kid).  Our show strives to maintain a conversational momentum in a relatively informal format.  We value your perspective, your opinions and your experience.  If there are areas of sensitivity requiring us to avoid please articulate that to your hosts prior to recording.  Above all else we value storytelling and giving you ability to offer your story.IMG_1201

Call-Ins  If you are calling into the ‘No Boundaries Radio’, we will email you confirmation with an approximate 10-15 minute window in which we will be calling you for your input prior to your show date. We will ensure you know basic subject matter ahead of time and keep things focused to ensure your time on the air is well spent.  If we are calling in to you via Skype in order to record both audio and video feed, please ensure you are not in a public or other area with a tremendous amount of extemporaneous noise or activity.
Submit your Bio When possible please submit your bio and complete contact information as you’d like it published on our blog page and social media to Scott two weeks prior to the date of your recording.

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Please link with Scott through all of your preferred social media network platforms prior to recording.  This will optimize our ability to connect your networks with your show.



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