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Paul Crowley

Classes in finance and public speaking

Headshot in B&W of Paul Crowley, Instructor for WOrc-It Business Lab

Paul Crowley is launching Bookeeping for Entrepreneurs & a 9 week group public speaking class at The Worc-It Business Lab of The Worcshop

Paul Crowley

  • Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs
  • Public Speaking
  • Advanced Finance Classes

MBA, Adelphi Univ. 1984

Scott M. Graves

  • Business of the Blues
  • Pivoting: Guide to Surviviing the Zombie Apocalypse

Founder and Senior Mentor

B.M., Music Business University of Massachusetts Lowell

Dave Lubelczyk

  • Headshot of Dave Lubelczyk, Owner of ImageIdentity, LTDAdvisor Tribe
  • Senior Mentor
  • Founder, ImageIdentity, LTD

Bryant College; BSBA, Business and Marketing 1992

Tamar Russell Brown

  • Headshot of Tamar RussellDigital Marketing
  • Marketing 101
  • Intermediate & advanced Marketing

Founder, Sitka Creations

Founder, Sitka Gallery East

B.A. Graphic Design, Rhode Island College 2002


Worc-It Business Lab

  • Classes offered for The Worcshop members & Non-members
  • Mentorship: Advisor Tribes
  • Business Leadership opportunities in Incubator
  • Existing Business: Pandemic relief through Business Triage


Developing the course offerings at Worc-It Business Lab has been the culmination of  a long, hard but rewarding road that my team and I have been on for several years now at SMGraves Associates.

Now more than ever we’re discovering new ways to deliver  professional development to citizens that satisfies their vocational as well as avocational goals.  Our work sits at the heart of our advocacy for economic equality, access to education as well as access to cutting edge resources for economic development.

Partnering with The Worcshop is a key step for our team, as owners Randal and Angela Meraki have charged us with  seeking innovation in the delivery and curriculum development of our Worc-It Business Lab.


Paul Crowley has an MBA from Adelphi University and a background in both corporate communications, finance and business ownership.

Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs is designed to deliver focused technical capability using quick books and the principles of good accounting most important to entrepreneurs launching a business. The class is a requirement for anyone participating in the Leadership Program of the incubator.

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Here’s what Paul has to say about his public speaking class: Most people do not like to speak in public.  We are comfortable with family and friends, but we do not do well with strangers – whether one-on-one or to groups.   Your ability to speak confidently and clearly can make a big difference.  This course will discuss how to overcome your concerns about public speaking, how to speak off-the-cuff, or with a prepared speech.  Business people are often asked to present their business ideas at trade shows, local business events, videos, etc.  We will get you started toward a smoother presentation style. And you may just start having fun!

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Scott M. Graves

Scott M. Graves is founder of SMGraves Associates and host of SMG’s ‘Are We Here Yet?’ Podcast.  He is a founding member and former Executive Director of the Wachusett Business Incubator.   The SMG team developed unique and powerful economic development tools including the Leadership Candidates and Business Triage.  Both programs are available through Worc-It Business Lab.  This is SMG’s new parternship with The Worcshop, the largest business incubator and industrial makerspace on the east coast.