Episode #19: Cannabis Legal Briefs with Megan Sheehan

Headshot of Episode Guest Megan Sheehan, Attorney specializing in the Cannabis Industry
Megan Sheehan of Sheehan Law Office
In Episode #19 we talk about the legalities and current state of affairs for entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry with Megan Sheehan, Principal of Sheehan Law Office and an active legal specialist for the Cannabis Industry.

Entrepreneurs considering a launch into the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry have a number of items to be aware of involving the state’s Cannabis Commision, Federal Laws governing controlled substances and a variety of municipal, state and federal regualtions governing all businesses large and small.  Our guest, Megan Sheehan is a leader in the reigon’s rapidly building Cannabis Industry.   Her team at Sheehan Law Offices has a presence in Lexington, MA as well as Barrington, RI.  Find them at www.sheehanlawoffice.net 

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