Business Triage was designed as a response to the challenges made worse by the global health crisis.  It was designed to assist small business beyond the pandemic, since most business issues facing us today were already there; simply made worse by Covid-19. 

Following a two year initial phase of the program subsidized through state funding, SMGraves Associates is pleased to continue offering the services of Business Triage.

The program is actively seeking clients to immediately assist.  Businesses must meet the following criteria

  • Non-geography specific.
  • Willing to participate in an intake process to determine company viability.
  • Agree to terms of the Business Triage Program.
  • Face challenges exacerbated by pandemic or other emergency.

Clients who require additional funding may consider engaging through our unique relationship to National Business Capital.

Learn more about National Business Capital

We do not select Triage clients based on company size, specific industry or geography.

To schedule an intake:

Business Triage at a Glance

Individualized mentorship 1:1 by experienced professionals.

  • Peer Advisory post-project with other professionals facing the same challenges you are. 
  • Individualized follow-up assessment.
  • Marketing, Strategy, technical assistance delivered in a timely fashion. 
    • Weekly remote mentorship with designated senior mentor.
  • Education offered in finance, business planning, marketing, legal, entrepreneurship, leadership, publishing and copyright, etc.

Project-long mentorship of business leader candidate. Business Plans designed to interact with existing regional ecosystem.

  • Programming including classes, seminars, weekly mentorship, fast-tracking for financing, real estate and other key resources.

Transitional advise for new business or career opportunities for those requiring a transition.

How Business Triage Came to Be

Our program was conceived by Dave Lubelczyk (ImageIdentity, LTD) and SMG founder Scott M. Graves while the two were developing a business incubator in central Massachusetts.

It was apparent the region needed a Covid-19 response for business.  As the pandemic and its effects developed over months it was becoming clear most assistance programs were falling short; offering limited mentorship time for small business owners struggling with technical, strategic and personal issues.

Financial assistance that has developed in this pandemic has also been problematic for many; inconsistently dispensed and without any focus on developing new markets, re-thinking with short-term solutions that pivot well or any requirements focused on placing the client on better footing.

In short, more window dressings and ribbon cuttings in place of nuts and bolts programming that directly addresses business challenges made worse by the global health crisis.

Business Triage has been developed to be simple to implement, fast and responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Scott M. Graves

Scott M. Graves is founder of SMGraves Associates and host of SMG’s ‘Are We Here Yet?’ Podcast which is a part of M the Media Project, a solution providing robust local journalism.  

The SMG team develops unique and powerful economic development tools to support business incubation, business management services and real estate development.