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SMGraves Associates at its core is about building sustainable enterprise through community-minded entrepreneurship.

What started as a immersive business incubator project has now launched into the largest incubator/makerspace of its kind on the east coast. Partnering with The Worcshop of Worcester, MA we’ve launched the Worc-It Business Lab to provide education, mentorship and other services that directly respond to the needs of our regional economic ecosystems.

SMG also recently launched two new initiatives Fall 2020:

  • Business Triage: This program targets existing small business experiencing critical challenges due to or exacerbated by the Covid-19 global health crisis.
  • M the Media Project: Experiments with various financial models to directly address the issues being caused by a lack of robust local journalism. It’s first product is a political podcast known as Scotts on the Rocks Politica.

Founder Scott M. Graves and the teams working these projects are dedicated to:

  • Robust, diverse, decentralized economic ecosystems.
  • Creating opportunities for live/work medium density, mixed-use developments
  • Fair and equitable education and economic opportunity regardless of current socio-economic status
  • A focus on optimizing downtown commercial/residential space.
  • Addressing business, cultural, transportation, housing and energy issues while addressing climate change.

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