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SMGraves Associates at its core is about building sustainable enterprise through community-minded entrepreneurship

Scott Graves has spent the better part of 25 years taking fundamentals garnered in the performing arts industries and putting them to work improving the way we develop our business and built environments as part of a greater community ecosystem. His team provides solutions in leadership, housing & localized capital.

Currently engaging clients in medtech, fund development, housing  and mixed-use property development.

Founder Scott M. Graves and the teams working these projects are dedicated to:

  • Robust, diverse, decentralized economic ecosystems.
  • Creating opportunities for live/work medium density, mixed-use developments
  • Fair and equitable education and economic opportunity regardless of current socio-economic status
  • A focus on optimizing downtown commercial/residential space.
  • Addressing business, cultural, transportation, housing and energy issues while addressing climate change.

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