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Special Announcement 10.09.2020

SMG Launches M The Media Project SMGraves Associates is pleased to announce the start of The Media Project.  Some time ago I wanted to take part in solving the issues created by the gradual dissolution of local journalism outlets.  A free and vigorous press is not...

SMG’s Destination Business Series I

What Is a Destination Business?What is a destination store We define the concept of the destination business as a retail outlet that chooses to focus on creating a  unique set of products and product experiences for its clients.  This business usually places a premium...

On Peace July 5, 2020

On Peace, An EssayOur city will not last another 2 years of the status quo.  Nor will the United States.  Not without our hearts open wide, to both the pain and joy of our neighbors.   Ellie Wesiel said, ‘When language fails then violence becomes language.   I’m...


Episode #1 Scotts on the Rocks Politica

The Inaugural Episode: Unraveling the Unenrolled   We welcome the Unenrolled In our inaugural Episode We learn from the Scotts: The Unenrolled Voter phenomenon; What's behind the history of the polling state and modern marketing apparatus in politics.  We take a...

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Are We Here Yet? Podcast Episode #16

Break Every String: writer Joshua Michael Stewart   Western MA writer Joshua Michael Stewart In Episode # 'Break Every String' we spoke with Western MA writer of poetry Joshua Michael Stewart.  His latest release, 'The Bastard Children of Dharma Bums', published....

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