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Peter Spellman


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Peter Spellman

Episode #28 we discuss the challenges of our current way of life and how history, spirituality, economics and art come into play. We also talk a healthy dose of the state of the music industry with author, educator and artist Peter Spellman.

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Peter Spellman has crafted a career over decades by helping countless others to realize the fulfillment of crafting thiers.

Currently a career development specialist for the Flatiron School in Manhattan, Peter spent 24 years as director of the Career Development Center at Berklee College of Music and as an independant career and business consultant.  He is also a current member of the fculty for Berklee Online.

His publications include the Self-Promoting Musician, The Musician’s Internet ONline Strategies for Success in the Music Industry and Indie Business Power. 

It was while an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell that I had the opportunity to attend many of Peter’s classes on entrepreneurship and the music industry in the late 1990’s.  His ability to synthesize; to bring together facets of history, economics, social movements, cultural relevance and spirituality had a profound effect on how I see the world.

He has advocated for a more spiritually aware and more contemplative society.  A profound consideration in a world that divides and emotionally stunts individuals communicating in a 24 hour news cycle.

Listen now to our vibrant discussion.  We hope you’ll find a healthy dose of perspective and more than anything else we want you, our listeners to find hope in our words.


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About our Hosts:

Scott M. Graves is the founder of SMGraves Creative Enterprises.  Most recently he was executive director of the Wachusett Business Incubator where the SMG team experimented with various programming to overcome the meaningless ‘ribbon cutting’ experiences so synonymous with much of our nation’s  well-intentioned economic development.   He is known for a steadfast resolve for intellectual rigor and business strategy.  Nothing makes Scott feel more fulfilled than to help other develop their own unique creativity which leads to fulfillment in work and life.   

An entrepreneur in his own right, Scott previously operated the former Smash Music. Along with ImageIdentity’s David Lubelczyk their team developed Leadership Candidates Program for immersive support of new enterprise and Business Triage, a direct response to the issues now exacerbated for small businesses since the spread of Covid-19.    


Cameron McLeod is the Producer of the ‘Are We Here Yet? Podcast. Since his high school days he has been behind the scenes of multiple productions ranging from directing live football games to filming short movies. Using his musical prowess and his technical skills gained from working as an IT professional, Cameron taught himself what it takes to mix and produce music of his own creation. To this day, he strives to better these skills whenever he can.

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