Don’t Let Them Divide Us

co-host Bruce Chester
With permission of Scott M. Graves
co-host and M the Media Project founder Scott M. Graves

Why should you resist the partisanship of federal and state politics at the municipal level? 

Both co-hosts of On the Rocks are or have been political candidates for local or state office.  We are both committed to our political philosophies.  But we’re even more firmly committed to our citizenship and to the democratic processes embedded in the United States way of governance. 

In this episode we talk about why you need to check your partisanship at the door when it comes to prioritizing how to vote in your local elections. 


Where did the idea of divide and conquer originate in US politics?

Should I focus on candidates specific responses to my questions? 

Are project ideas, policy positions and general capabilities more important than party affiliation?

Should I be scared of candidates who appear to be more versed than I on certain issues or political beliefs?

Right now in Episode 41 of On the Rocks Politica!

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