Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor joined the SMG team as an independent partner in 2020.  As SMG developed the Business Triage Program, a state funded response for small business founder Scott Graves and David Lubelczyk of ImageIdentity, LTD called upon members of their respective networks to join in the work.  Susan has been a core part of the program since.

Susan focuses on assisting Triage and non-Triage clients alike on improvements to marketing, public relations and the appearance and other interpersonal skills of business leadership.

The Business Triage Program was designed as a response to the global health crisis.  It currently helps small business within a broad spectrum of industries navigating an array of challenges.

About Susan

Susan is a humanitarian at heart and has dedicated her life to the community. She has a decade of experience working with public bodies, grassroots groups, organizations, and private clients in both leadership and supportive roles.

Susan has lead or taken part in the development of numerous initiatives focusing on community engagement, downtown and economic revitalization, philanthropy, organizational redefinition for sustainability, public relations, and marketing.  Her wide breadth of experience also includes more than a decade of experience in image consulting, creative direction, and makeup artistry.

Susan views each situation through a unique lens and is no stranger to coaching within contentious and high pressure environments. 

By identifying key areas for growth, she works with her client to develop unorthodox strategies positioning them as a change agent. With a genuine love and passion for making an impact, she values each and every one of her clients.

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