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AWHY? Podcast Extra

used with permission Johnny Sanphillippo
Full color image of a California-based Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), Napa Valley 2020
used with permission Johnny Sanphillippo
Full color image of San Fransisco-based blogger Johnny SanPhillippo
Full color interior shot of Valley Venture Hub, co-working environment in downtown Springfield, MA

In this AWHY? podcast extra we extend our conversation with Johnny Sanphillippo on the unorthodox solutions out there to achieving your community development, real property and small buisness goals without incurring the rath of local regulators.  

…and you learn about the Condo-ized Bovine Business Opportunity.   

Johnny Sanphillippo wants to get things done. He is a self-identified old-school San Fransisco liberal.  But more than that Johnny is a pragmatist.  Sometimes it seems he has a language seemingly all his own.  Like Yak Shaving.  What the hell is Yak Shaving?

On his blog Granola Shotgun he has offered to the willing some ideas of stay-under-the-radar development patterns that may just start a revolution someday.  Or maybe just help you get that ADU in your backyard in without initiating a revolt between you and your municipal authorities.

Johnny sites some real world examples of his own making and in doing so he informs us on what we are all capable of doing when we alter our perspective.

Wait until you hear about the condo-ized cow.

Why care?  Because we’re going to need to do something with all this suburban excess.  It’s here.  We’re here.  You need to live and work somewhere, right?


A solution to making this Sonoma County, CA property cash flow was to add this ‘shed’ for one of the tenants to utilize 
Making every square inch count and doing it with minimum headache and interaction with municipal institutions in San Fransisco, CA.

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