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You Are Asking Questions Because . . . You are Crazy

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Scott J. Graves, Esq., B.S. Biology, M.S. Pharmacology, J.D. Law – Father, Born-and-Bred Gardnerien-American, Gardner Native of Acadien Heritage, Gardner High School Class of 1982, Gardner Citizen-Voter, Gardner Homeowner/Taxpayer, 30-year Gardner Business Owner, 30-year Gardner Lawyer, former 16-year Gardner City Councillor, former Gardner City Council President, and former Gardner City Solicitor and Head of the City of Gardner Law Department.

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This is Part 2 on the subject of the City Council’s campaign to gaslight the Citizens of Gardner regarding the subject of the City’s corrosive drinking water and the Coil Scandal.

To get a flavor of the unprecedented severity of this City problem, read the Supreme Judicial Court’s (SJC) decision about it.

Councillor Boone, and Councillor Boudreau were asking questions at the Feb. 22nd City Council Meeting.  They got two other free-thinking (non-hypnotized) Councillors to agree with them (Hardern and Heath). 

That’s a huge advancement for Truth, and your Ruling Class does not like that. 

Therefore, Councillor Tyros, the once-removed rookie on the City Council, “corrected” the 20-year government-experienced Councillor Boone.  It was like Grady in the bathroom scene of Kubrik’s The Shining – naughty children need to be “corrected.”

Tyros told everyone how it’s supposed to work in Gardner City Government.  The Mayor has spoken.  What the Mayor says must not be questioned.

If the Mayor has issued his legal opinion, and it’s in “The Packet,” it is not to be questioned.

Tyros said that out loud.  Don’t you know that yet, Boone?

If you are asking questions when the Mayor has already said the last word on the issue, you have lost your mind.

That’s gaslighting.

So, in Part 1 we listed some of the questions that have not been answered – despite Tyros’ claim that they all have been answered.  In fact, none of them have been answered.

Here are more questions (there will be more, later).

Why did the Mayor (Executive Dept.) issue the legal ruling that an elected City Councillor (Legislative Branch) has no right to see government information about the corrosive drinking water because there is “pending litigation” – but then the Mayor voluntarily disseminates litigation information regarding new “pending litigation” to the entire world (via internet) that is related to that very same other pending litigation? See the City Council Agenda for the August 2, 2021 Meeting.

Which is it, Mr. Mayor – does “pending litigation” justify hiding government information from the Citizens about the condition of their drinking water, or does “pending litigation” justify your voluntarily throwing it out to the World when it serves your political interests?

Does John Flick, and/or the Mayor, believe that the City of Gardner Law Department can have legal interests that conflict with the interests of the City of Gardner, and, if so, what is the legal explanation and analysis for that? 

What are the facts for that legal conclusion?

If the legal interests of the City of Gardner conflict with the interests of some other client of John Flick, or with his John Flick’s own interests – what are the facts that produce that conclusion?

Why won’t anyone tell us why this is the case, or what the facts are?

Because mentioning the official municipal position/office of the Office of the City of Gardner City Solicitor in Councillor Graves’ public records case does not create a “conflict of interest,” what is the real reason for the Mayor’s legal position that there is one?

Because the Mayor’s story to the Citizens that the sole cause of this “conflict of interest” is the mere mentioning of the official municipal position/office of the Office of the City of Gardner City Solicitor in Councillor Graves’ public records case is a fairy tale, why did the Mayor feel he had to tell a fairy tale?

Regarding the Mayor’s legal conclusion that the mere mentioning the Office of the Gardner City Solicitor in an official capacity public records case is the sole cause of a “conflict of interest” on the part of the person holding that position, why has the Mayor refused to give any explanation, or any legal analysis, or any legal reasoning for this legal conclusion?

Why did the Mayor want to get rid of the Gardner Law Department and bring in the big guns, the heavy artillery (the self-described “Super Lawyers”), to crush Graves’ request for government information about the Citizens’ corrosive drinking water?

If Flick or Kolodny, who are individual persons holding governmental offices/positions that they do not own, have a personal conflict of interest regarding Councillor Graves’ public records case, which is costing the Citizens at least $82,075 to replace them, shouldn’t they both be paying for these additional and unnecessary expenditures out of their own paychecks?

If they don’t want to pay for it, shouldn’t they just be replaced with a new City Solicitor and a new Assistant City Solicitor (which would cost the Citizens nothing)?

Who is client of the Gardner City Solicitor regarding the legal representation of the City of Gardner in this case?

Who is client of the Gardner City Solicitor regarding the legal representation of the City of Gardner in any legal action involving the City of Gardner?

Who is the legal counsel for the City Council in Graves’ public records case?

Who is the City Council’s legal counsel generally?

Why isn’t anyone telling us who the Gardner City Solicitor’s client is?

Isn’t the only client of the Gardner City Solicitor’s Office the City of Gardner, and only the City of Gardner?

Since the City of Gardner can waive any perceived conflict on the part of the Assistant City Solicitor in this case, has the City waived it, and, if not, why not?

How can there be any “conflict of interest,” as a matter of law in this case merely because the person/individualwho holds the official office/position of Gardner City Solicitor is mentioned in the case in his official capacity – and not as an individual person?

Because the Mayor and the City Council have ruled that the Citizens have to pay for Flick’s and Kolodny’s personal conflicts (by paying for outside lawyers), shouldn’t they at least have to tell us what those actualconflicts are – instead of the fairy tale about Flick’s official capacity name being mentioned in the case?

When Councillor Boone spoke directly to the Citizens at the Feb. 22nd City Council Meeting (saying, “I want the public to know what this about”), asking these questions, why did Councillor Tyros make it look like Councillor Boone didn’t know realize that all these answers were in “The Packet” – when none of the answers were in “The Packet”?

Why did Tyros tell the Citizens that all the answers were in “The Packet,” when they were not in “The Packet”?

Why are we being gaslit?

Isn’t Tyros the once-removed rookie on the City Council, with about 10-minutes’ worth of experience?

Doesn’t Boone have 6 decades of life experience, and hasn’t he raised children in Gardner, hasn’t he run businesses in Gardner (and still does), hasn’t he paid millions of dollars in outrageous real estate taxes in Gardner, and doesn’t he have more than 20 years of government experience as an elected official at the highest levels of Gardner Government – including the School Committee?

When Councillor Boone told the Citizens that their City Government, including the City Council, has kept the Citizens in the dark for decades about the corrosive condition of their drinking water (which they are forced to buy from the City of Gardner) and the Coil Scandal – and kept us in the dark about why the entire Law Department refuses to handle former Councillor Scott J. Graves’ public records court case, why did Councillor Tyros gaslight him?

Why is Tyros and his fellow Ruling Class members afraid of the light? 

Why are they afraid of Open Government?

Why did George Tyros try to make Boone and the Citizens think they are crazy by asking questions?

Who is Tyros trying to help, or what is he trying to hide, by gaslighting us?

Why is it when Tyros did his gaslighting, not one City Councillor objected to the falsehood that all the answers were in “The Packet”?

Why does Tyros and the “Automatic 6” (Tyros, Walsh, Kazinskas, Dernalowicz, and The Cormiers) believe that it’s a good idea for the City of Gardner Legislative Branch have blind faith for what’s in “The Packet” just because the Mayor says so?

Isn’t “The Packet” just a bunch of propaganda that the Mayor gives the Councillors at the last minute so that he will get at least 6 votes for his political operations (like hiring outside counsel when he already has his own at his free beck and call)?

Why does the Ruling Class fight the idea of having an informed Citizenry?

Why is the Ruling Class afraid of an informed Citizenry?

Why not just share the truth with the Citizens, and operate an Open Government? 

Why is this Ruling Class of people contorting and twisting themselves into human pretzels in order to hide information from the Citizens?

Why do they believe that no one is watching them?

Why do they think they can gaslight all 21,000 Citizens?

Who are they protecting?

What are they hiding?

What is going on here?

Why does this City Council insist on continuing to hide its complicity in keeping the Citizens in complete darkness about the corrosive drinking water/Coil Scandal – and in prolonging it?

Why has the City Council totally ignored the condition of the drinking water and the Coil Scandal?

Isn’t there two independent branches of City Government? 

What’s happened to the separation of powers?

When did the City Council vote to repeal Article 30 of the Mass. Declaration of Rights (which would be illegal)? [Article 30 is the separation of powers law, in the Mass. Constitution].

Why is it that after Councillor Graves told the City Council about the super-damning allegations against top-level Gardner Executive Branch officials which were described in a vastly important court decision issued by the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court (our highest court) in 2020, the City Council did nothing?

Why does the Mayor think he has the right to have the Executive Branch hide all the information regarding the Coil Scandal from an elected City Councillor?

Why does the Mayor think he has the right to have the Executive Branch hide all the information regarding the Coil Scandal from the Citizens?

Why does the City Council think the Citizens can’t handle the truth?

Why is getting the truth a bad thing?

Why does the City Council keep enabling the Executive Branch and funding the campaign to crush Councillor Graves’ case – which is the only way the Citizens will ever get the information.

Why didn’t the City Council ever get its own legal advice?

Why did the City Council vote in favor of spending additional tens of thousands of your tax dollars (the Mayor estimates it will easily reach $82,075) to pay for outside lawyers to keep you ignorant – despite a simple and easy motion made by Boone to have the person holding the Office of the City of Gardner City Solicitor provide an explanation as to why the City thinks this is necessary?

Why is it that an explanation has never been given?

Why did the “Automatic 6” (Walsh, Kazinskas, Tyros, Dernalowicz and The Cormiers) shoot down Boone’s motion – when it would have cost the Citizens nothing?

Is the decades-long corrosive condition of the drinking water in the City of Gardner continuing to flow through the homeowners’ pipes?

Can the City of Gardner really force its Homeowners to buy corrosive drinking water all these years?

Was the City’s Executive Branch just ignoring the problem, or was it utterly incompetent, or was it worse than that (as alleged in the Magliacane case) – rotten at the top?

Why is it that this whole time, going back to, oh I don’t know 2008, the City’s Executive Branch refused to give the City Council, or the Citizens, any information about the corrosive drinking water problem or the Coil Scandal?

Why can’t Flick answer the questions that Boone and Boudreau had – and, if this fairy tale “conflict of interest” is so obvious and “well-known” (as Councillor Walsh has several times parroted), then why can’t Flick or anyone else give us the easy explanation for it?

Is it because there is some unknown person, or himself, who Flick is trying to protect? 

Why are the Citizens paying for all these legal experts – Nicholson, Walsh, Flick, Kolodny, and the team of “Super Lawyers” (that’s what they call themselves) – and not one of them can explain the facts or the legal reasoning for what to them is an obvious legal reality?

They all claim that there is an obvious conflict of interest, but what is their legal analysis and rationale for that, and why do they refuse to give it to us?

What is the reasoning behind it? 

What is the explanation? 

How do they reach that legal conclusion as a as a matter of law?

What are the facts to support that legal conclusion? 

How do the Rules of Professional Conduct apply to the facts in this regard? 

Which Rule or Rules of Professional Conduct are they applying? 

What decisional case law or legal authority supports their legal conclusions?

Why do we hear only crickets after the herd’s running hooves stop?

Why is this City Government operating behind closed doors, and why are they whispering?

Why the public silence?

Why the hollow excuses?

Why the “because I said so”?


Why is all the information about the corrosive condition of the City’s drinking water (The Coil Scandal) concealed in the Mayor’s Office?

Why can’t the City Council see this information?

How did we get here?

Why is it that the City Council obeys the Mayor’s policy that no one gets to see government information unless the Mayor says so?

Why is there no longer any separation of powers in City of Gardner government – why is it all an automatic deference and obeyance to the Mayor and his lawyers?

Why can’t the Mayor point to the law or principle that supports such a policy?

What’s the big deal – why can’t an elected City Councillor, who represents the 21,000 Citizens, see government information about the Citizen’s drinking water? 

Does any of this make sense to you?

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