MA AG finds Gardner City Council & City Council President at Fault

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In two August 1, 2022 determinations the office of MA Attorney General found the Gardner City Council, including its President Lizzy Kasinskas guilty of violating the Massachusetts Open Meetings Laws during city council proceedings of last year.

Both complaints were submitted for review by Gardner Attorney and former City Councilor Scott J. Graves.

Review the complaints and determinations via the MA Attorney General Website.

The determinations include the requirement that each member of the city council attend training to gain knowledge regarding the open meeting law of Massachusetts. ‘Additionally, we order each member of the council to attend a comprehensive open meeting law training, either by participating in one of the Division of Open Governments monthly webinar trainings or by attending a training presented by the Council’s legal counsel’.

Still pending is Graves’ complaint regarding the events that cost Gardner City Councilor James Boone’s position on the Monty Tech School Committee.

See M the Media Projects Feb. 22, 2022 article on the attempt to steal the election of Monty Tech School Committee Members

See M the Media Project’s Article on the Stolen election of James Boone. 

In remarkable fashion the AG’s office has included in its determination allowing for the city solicitor, the same solicitor that advises the City Council President and Council members on legal matters, the same solicitor that likely advised the Council President during these proceedings that lead to these open meeting violations, can also train the city council members in an effort that they may educate themselves in order to prevent more open meeting law violations.

M the Media Project has learned that additional violations similar to the two determined on August 1 are still pending.

Will they ever learn?

Full Disclosure: Scott J. Graves is a contributing writer to M the Media Project.

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