How Immigration Affects Tech In America

with gener8tor’s Davide Dantonio

We all hear about the importance of international talent to the US technology sector. We understand how an open set of arms to international trade, travel and immigration plays a role in our country’s success.  But our historic relationship to immigration tells a much more complicated story and with the recent threat of closed borders as posed by a possible Trump 2024 administration, we wanted to take a closer look at the lived experience of those plying the waters of our current international tech sector to really find an explanation for why an open society is so very important. 

Our guest represents the human personification, the energy that comes to us and makes our tech sector vibrant and our country great.  Davide Dantonio is with us for this podcast.  He’s a Class of ’22 Venture for America fellow and currently plays program lead on no less than 2 Indiana-based gener8tor accelerators.  He’s also a podcaster in his own rite.  You can find him and his crew at the Young Outcast’s Podcast.

Davide is also Program Manager for two Indiana based programs for gener8tor, a rural-focused technology fund operating more than 223 accelerators nation-wide.

We’re talking multiculturalism and the lived experience of young entrepreneurs living and working in America. 

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