Radically Rural Director Julianna Dodson

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Plus Jazzmeia Horn in The Jazz Room

Julianna Dodson of Hannah Grimes Center

by SMG's 'Are We Here Yet?' Podcast | Season IX

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Radically Rural's Julianna Dodson

“Rural communities do not exist solely to be extracted from.  They are also generative, they can host tech, sic (the example from) our radically Rural biotech (program) is to not just bring (biotech) to but grow from the people and places we already have.”

Meet Our Guests

Julianna Dodson, Director of Radically Rural and Deputy Director for the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship spoke with us regarding the well documented need and regenerative benefit of our relationships in order for community development, the kind that is lasting and has a net positive effect, to develop.  It was clear from our conversation Julianna has a deep commitment to her work and that of countless others bringing people together for business and social benefit in her community of Keene, NH.  For those of us building local economies through tech or creative class industries, building a socially cohesive environment is essential for realizing a desirable city to live in.  

Engage with the Radically Rural Summit in September 2024

Listeners, what’s your experience in bringing tech to your communities and how has it affected the social fabric of your community? We want to hear from you. 

Full Color headshot of Director Julianna Dodson of Radically Rural.  She is standing next to a large industrial window in a nondescript commercial building, leaning on the sill and smiling directly into the camera.

... In The Jazz Room

We met with singer/composer/arranger Jazzmeia Horn at the Newport Jazz Festival. We talked about her CD “Dear Love” and her big band, ”Noble Force”.  Learn more at www.artistryofjazzhorn.com

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