M the Media Project Launches on Patreon
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The team at SMGraves Associates announces a new program.  In the next step of developing M the Media Project, SMG is offering patrons three new subscriber levels.

We’re dedicated to creating a more robust local reporting environment.  You, our patrons deserve political, social, cultural, sports and other news delivered in a thoughtful manner and through the media of your preference; from audio podcasts, digital or print articles to video.
Packages include a podcast-ic, audio-centric option, one geared  for the political junky and the premium VIP level, adding additional discounts to live remote events, special exclusives and more.  All packages are delivered weekly by emial to you.
Our subscriber program is facilitated by the use of Patreon, a time tested platform for creativity and content development delivery to patrons.  Click here for our Patreon Page.
Your patronage delivers value to you and your community through thoughtfully executed journalism.  The greater result over time creates entrepreneurial opportunity as our media project is part of the collective business incubator efforts of SMGraves Associates.