So You Wanna Be a Comic Stripper, Kid?

At one time, to have a syndicated newspaper strip was every kids dream. The comics page in the Sunday newspaper was a wonderland of great artwork and storytelling that ranged from humorous funny animal strips of Walt Kelly’s Pogo to the daring adventures of Alex Raymond Flash Gordon.

As newspapers have declined, comic strips are a shell of what they once were. Reduced to a redundant gag a day form. cookie cutter characters and infantile art.

In this week’s episode Bret talks with writer Mark Kneece and cartoonists Brian Nelson and Bob Pendarvis. All of which have written or drawn comic strips for newspapers. Or have taught classes in cartooning and comic strip art.

Giving their experiences in the rigors of working for a newspapers or have given art instruction on the subject. And talked about the strips and cartoonists that inspired them.

So let’s take out the Sunday paper, pour out our favorite cereal and enjoy some comics.


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