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June 18, 2021



For Immediate Release 


Scott Michael Graves, owner of SMGraves Associates and former Executive Director of the Wachusett Business Incubator announces a run for City Council-at-Large for Gardner. 

In his introductory campaign speech, Mr. Graves opens with a message of empowerment, 

“Now as never before, cities have the focus and the drive to propel our economy forward, to ensure equity before the law; a society for ALL of their citizens and to drive a bottom/up approach to making life better.”

He proposes a focus on economic development initiatives, stating, “to focus on projects and programming that optimize our commercial tax base through home-grown economic development programming.  Only through tireless effort at building a renewed commercial tax base focused on existing business ready to go and entrepreneurs seeking opportunity from within our border; that bottom-up approach I referred to, can we make the civic improvements we need; no more street-lamps and banners to go along with empty storefronts.”

Some of Scott’s policy positions or priorities for the city.

  • Successfully block expansion of the sludge landfill and push to seek an economically and environmentally beneficial alternative. 
  • Aggressively seek to revitalize the Dept. of Planning and Development.  Re-focus efforts on home-grown business development, the formation of a small business enterprise fund and other resources to bolster commercial tax base.
  • Stop the municipality from development that remains non-responsive to the desires and needs of our neighborhoods.  The Leo Dr. Soccer field being top priority. 
  • Assess efficacy of municipal departments and seek improvements where desired. 
  • Demand the city properly mitigate the issues with our water supply.  Lead in determining responsible parties and seeking justice for our 18,000+ neighbors. 

Scott is also founder of M the Media Project.  His ideas for economic development, urban planning, politics and culture may be found here. 

Scott’s work as a contributing writer may be found here.