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We just couldn’t decide on one topic this week, here at On the Rocks Politica.

So the team selected three tasty tidbits to opine on, two of which make up the episode you are about to dine on.

In local news…

The city of Gardner(MA) has only recently de-industrialized.  We’re experiencing this phenomenon in real time, in real ways.  For two decades we’ve languished under two municipal administrations who have created, at best, anemic economic development.  No plan is in place.  No efforts have been made to engage in bottom-up projects or initiatives to generate commercial tax revenues through business growth.  

We have moved a Cumbies (local-speak for a chain of Convenience stores known as Cumberland Farms) from one street to another.  

Care about local economic development?  Read our latest article on Stroads.

On Monday, August 2, 2021 the city council by a two vote margin re-appointed our Director of Community Development and Planning, Trevor Beauregard to his position for another three years.  Another three years of anemic growth.  Of stone-walling many residents who desire to create opportunity.  Another three years of tearing down buildings without a solid plan for what comes next. 

Read Scott’s campaign article ‘Why?’ regarding the re-appointment of Trevor Beauregard.

We analyze what is happening in this scenario, why it is happening and ask the seminal question, ‘What is OUR PLAN?’.  

In national news…

In the second half of our show Producer Cam McLeod walks us through an examination of the recent spate of suicides by Capital Police officers.  Even as we prepared this show, the total of officers rose to 4.  

This doesn’t sit right with any of us here at the show.  Neither does throwing the events of January 6, 2021 under the rug for political reasons while individuals who swore an oath to protect and serve come to terms with what they experienced that day. 

Why don’t we call the events of January 6, 2021 what they really are…. a threat to our democracy. 

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