Afghanistan, TBD

Afghani girl during evacuation of civilians-Public Domain Flickr
Full Color image of landscape painting: British Last Stand during the retreat from Kabul, 1842
1898 Depiction of the British Retreat from Kabul in 1842 also known as  the Massacre of Elphinstone’s army 

This week we focused our attention on the morass that is unfolding in the country of Afghanistan.

Nearly two weeks into the withdrawal of US troops and the evacuation of US, Afghani and other global citizens, we analyze the withdrawal by the Biden administration.

Our discussion gave us the opportunity to introduce listeners to some of the key players including US negotiators, the Taliban and ISIS-K.

Who is ISIS-K and what are they doing in Afghanistan?

We explore the history of imperial exploits in Afghanistan and how the Unites States, after 20 years of our ‘Forever War’ finds itself part of a long list of Western powers to fail in Afghanistan.

Hear what Andrew Bacevich has to say about the Withdrawal. 

What went wrong?  Who’s to blame? How does this latest in US military exploits likely to play out over time both within and from outside the US?

Let us know what you think after listening.

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