Not Cool Enough For Spotify… 

an Interview with Hippocrisis

Full color image of Hippocrisis album cover including an actual hippopotamus
Used with permission of Hippocrises

Hippocrisis is a one man punk rock band fronted by Tom Domincovich. Unlike many bands and musicians out there, Tom isn’t doing it for financial gain or becoming famous. He does it because he loves to make music and perform live. And any money made he donates it to friends in need or worthy causes.

He uses his songs as an outlet to sing about the importance of mental health awareness and trying to break the stigma that it’s a subject you need to keep to yourself. And it’s okay to ask for help. Singing his songs is a form of therapy for him.

He will be performing live at the famous Ralph’s Rock Diner on Grove Street in Worcester Massachusetts Thursday September 16th at 8PM in support of his latest EP Not Cool Enough For Spotify.You can purchase that album as well as his previous albums on Bandcamp today:


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