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We learned Sunday that Joe Manchin, Democratic Senator from the state of West Virginia cannot support the Build Back Better infrastructure bill, a measure that is central to President Joe Biden’s vision for the United States.

More importantly and specifically, the Build Back Better Bill would focus on human infrastructure and other types of programming like childcare, eldercare, lower drug prices, universal preschool, the Child Tax Credit, and measures to address the effects of climate change.

You may remember that in March the Presidents larger infrastructure bill was split into two.  Last month, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed with little Republican support and lacking the full support of more progressive democrats.  

The Build Back Better Bill allowed republicans and conservative democrats, namely Manchin and Arizona’s Senator Kyrsten Cinema to siphon off the portions of the original bill focused on what many refer to 21st century itfrsatrutre, arguably programming that better supports the needs of employees and entrepreneurs in our time.  

Even whittled down from $3.5 TR to $1.75T, the bill just can’t get the support of these two democrats.  Imagine what our enemies must be thinking.

To date, the bill is stalled and will require an untold amount fo time for further negotiations after the first of the year.

Once again in America, our political leadership will build top-down infrastructure, more roads and bridges and not support the bottom-up and direct needs of the people, needs that would allow millions to start and sustain their own business and build their neighborhoods into stronger, more resilient communities. 

It is the holiday season and I want to impart a message of hope for my listeners.  You see, our problems are caused by the hand of man; we should never give up hope to solve those issues that can be resolved by the hand of man.

The greater question in the US today is, can our elite class of leaders search within themselves, search their soul and rise above their need for re-election and self-aggrandizement.  Can they do for us, really, can they do for all. 

Can we build a nation anew built on the fundamental belief that we’re in this together?  Aren’t there enough of us who still believe that all ships can rise together?

You’ve listened to the co-host of this podcast and I lead through example and show that, all political discourse should be thoughtful, even when fraught with strain or with satire.  Discourse that leads us to seek commonality in the fundamental belief that we’re all seeking the right thing to do….by all of our neighbors and not just for ourselves. 

My hope for all of you in this season of great struggle for voting rights, for equality, for the climate and our survival itself; I hope for you to find meaning in your struggle.  We are not living through times where I could say, I hope you find peace.  Peace will be for another generation.  We’re called on to do what’s right.  What’s best for all.  And to find the meaning.  The meaning that feeds why we must strive for a country that draws out the best in us all. Together. 

Love Learning.  Love Life.  And best wishes for your 2022.

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