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An Artificial Intelligence Love Story

Full color image of Director Scott M. Graves, Startup Rutland presenting during a recent class on business development topics. Blue soprtcoat and shirt, a man wearing glasses, hands come together and speaking to a crowd of adult students.
Photo courtesy of CEDRR/Olivia Lyons

In today’s audio essay we’re focused on Artificial Intelligence.  Entrepreneur, incubator director and community developer Scott M. Graves is pondering the future, more specifically how we build a better one.

‘Could we create a great tipping point where a society, devoid of the means for cultivating its great creative class warriors, cease to provide the know-how to create more ‘tech’ to feed the AI revolution. How Ironic.’  

‘Revolution?  Or de-volution.  It’s for us to decide.’  


About Scott

Scott M. Graves is founder of M the Media Project and SMGraves Associates.  As contributing writer to M, he writes under the series Politics, Done Local and Democratic Capitalism in addition to Essays from An Artist.

He is Director of StartUp Rutland, a technology business incubator re-defining the economy for Rutland, VT which he and his family recently moved to.  StartUp Rutland is housed in The Hub CoWorks.

His work at SMGraves Associates focuses on building value in real property by considering the commercial and social ecosystems that play out within our built environments.  Community Development that seeks to build pride in place and create economic opportunity for more citizens of our cities and towns.

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