AI & NeuroDiversity 

A Conversation with Dr. Meltem Ballan, Ph.D.

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We’re launching a closer look at Artificial Intelligence; how it has and will shape our society.  How you can shape an informed perspective around what’s sure to play a significant role effecting all of us for centuries to come. 

Rather than do this investigation from a good/bad standpoint, we’d rather treat all of YOU, our listeners as the smart and curious people that you are!  So away we go!

Our guest, Dr. Meltem Ballan, Ph.D. has decades of experience in digital technology, data science, and AI.  She is a leader, entrepreneur, and advisor who is passionate about creating innovative and impactful solutions for complex problems.

She is the principal and founder of Concrete Engine.  Additionally, Meltem is a Venture Partner with Greenlight Equity Partners.  She holds a PhD in complex systems and brain sciences, with a focus on computer vision, visual cortex, and natural language processing.

She is committed to fostering true diversity and inclusion in the STEM domain, especially AI and data science.

We’re looking at AI and neurodiversity in today’s podcast.

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