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With a background in housing policy, law and international business, author and business leader Peter de Krassel has witnessed the long arc of bad housing policy across the globe.  

He is launching Breaking Housing Matters as a novel means to solve the global housing crisis, one that is designed to address the impasses our current system of financing and policy has created over the last half century or more.

More on Peter’s Book, Custom Maid Housing for a New World Disorder

Breaking Housing Matters (BHM) is a grassroots movement dedicated to delivering affordable housing profitably. We believe landlords and developers must get a reasonable return on their investment while people must be able to afford decent housing.

Our proposed Housing Subsidy Solution (HSS) could become a public-private model for local communities to achieve affordable housing profitably around the world.

Full disclosure: AWHY? Podcast host Scott Graves is now agent to BHM. 

Working with SMGraves Associates, Breaking Housing Matters intends to develop its program to proliferate throughout the United States beginning with the leadership of the city of Rutland, VT, USA. 

Connect with Peter de Krassel

Engage BHM through SMGraves Assoc. 

…And in the Jazz Room 

Our interview with Kurt Elling at the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival includes stories about the people who have lifted him up through the years and his personal observations of The Jazz Room during his visit.

Learn more on Kurt’s Website

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