The Big ‘D’ in De-Centralize 

plus Lakecia Benjamin in The Jazz Room

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 Courtesy of Breaking Housing Matters 

Scott M. Graves, host of the ‘Are We Here Yet? Podcast speaks to us regarding the importance for small cities and towns to take advantage of the opportunity recently presented to solve some of the most pressing economic and social issues of our day. 

For we are, I’m sure of this, at the start of a national movement to decentralize the map. For placing venture capital where it’s needed most, for updating outmoded zoning laws so we can start rebuilding our built environments to serve all of our neighbors and financing policies so more Americans can access the housing they desire.  Here’s to transforming our cities and towns for a new generation.’

…And in the Jazz Room 

Meet saxophonist, composer, Lakecia Benjamin. We met briefly after her set at the Newport Jazz Festival. She talks about her CD, “Phoenix” and the story behind the project.

Learn more at Lakecia’s Website.

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