Breaking Housing Matters Launches Pilot effort for Rutland, VT

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Breaking Housing Matters 

Contact: Scott M. Graves 


Introduction by BHM Vermont director Scott Graves of SMGraves Associates. 

Vermont, like so many places in the United States today is in the grip of a housing crisis. While we lack in housing, we have people; good people who are resilient and creative in great abundance. It is fitting in this Brave Little State of Vermont and it is fitting that in this, the most resilient of Vermont towns, the great city of Rutland that today we’re here to launch the effort to lead the nation in devising a solution to tour Housing Crisis. 

Our great city of Rutland has an opportunity to control the narrative, to show this country we can lead in doing to the hard work of creating a solution that can be replicated throughout this great land. 

I’m here to day to introduce you to founder of Breaking Housing Matters, Mr. Peter de Krassel to announce the launch of our initiative for Rutland, first in the nation to pilot our program. 

Launch by BHM Founder Peter de Krassel 

Good Morning, 

I wanted to walk out of an outhouse. But guess what, In addition to a housing crisis, there is an outhouse crisis here in Vermont. 

Thanks to our good friends at Jamaica Cottage Shops for providing us this tiny house as the focal point of our announcement today. 

I wanted to walk out of an outhouse, metaphorically flushing out the current crappy housing policies and regulations across our country that have made Americans housing insecure or worse, homeless. 

Breaking Housing Matters, a 501C3 housing initiative is proposing just such a solution to Build Affordable Housing Profitably. 

A non-partisan partnership between the private and public sectors. 

A paradigm shift. Actually, a sea change solution to the housing crisis with the first pilot here in Rutland, building a model for Vermont and the nation. 

The initiative involves 5 key stakeholder groups essential to the housing ecosystem. Public and private sector funding sources, financial institutions, landlords and developers, and houses of worship. 

We believe both renters and homeowners should pay no more than 25% of their household income on housing. 

Our first step is to set up an exploratory committee for Rutland made up of key stakeholders. We’ve received early support in this endeavor from the Mayor’s Office and the Rutland Redevelopment Authority. 

Listen to our interview with BHM Founder Peter de Krassel 

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