Is there a Vermont Way? 

plus Gary Burton Part II in The Jazz Room

Our Vermont tech team was joined by Joshua Moses.  Josh works with individuals, organizations, and communities to cultivate vision and resourcefulness in the face of uncertainty and socio-ecological transitions.  He is currently on the faculty of Haverford College.  Josh is currently visiting faculty with us in Vermont at UVM.

He joined our conversation dealing with why and how our tech sector requires the perspective of the fine and performing arts and other, broader disciplines defined as humanities. Is there a Vermont way when it comes to the tech sector?  What of Ryan Munn’s contention that rural sectors have never in history worked well for its people and we’re perhaps on the cusp of that changing through rural economics rooted in latest technology. (Extractive vs. non-extractive economics). 

It seems as of late no matter the subset of ideas we’re recording about these days the ever-present issue of our changing climate enters the lexicon. So too a discussion towards democracy and what it means to be a valuable citizen.  

This recording was no different and our guest provided plenty for the group and you, our listeners to consider as we all consider how Vermont and our tech sector could lead with smart, balanced and informed solutions to work within our complex adaptive environment.

Big thanks to our friends at the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) for hosting our recording session.

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Innova802 Team 04.17.24 while recording at VCET, Burlington, VT

…And in the Jazz Room 

In part two of our interview Gary Burton tells us about his work with George Shearing and Stan Getz.

He also talks about the “inner player” that is within us all.

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