What do Our Value Systems Say about Our Values?

plus Orrin Evans in The Jazz Room

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We had the distinct pleasure to speak with Daniel Parkins with a rather broad question to answer: What does the way we assign value to commerce, global policy, culture and just about everything else in our community tell us about our society.  Does it reflect our weaknesses or our strengths? What does it say about the health of our communities, about the health of our inner self? In an era where most of us question globalization, where students are questioning our values while taking to the streets in protest, just what are we getting right and what are we getting wrong?  That’s next here on the Are We Here Yet? Podcast. 

Daniel Parkins is founder of Community Wealth Development LLC (CWD), a grassroots consulting firm, dedicated to generating local community ownership over economic initiatives and social programs intended to generate wealth in their community. Through expanding access to justice and creating new economic opportunity for local residents, CWD is committed to building strategic partnerships that foster strength through diversity and that are formed for the sake of equity building within communities and for the benefit of communities.  He helps businesses and local civic leaders work with communities to transform conflicts, launch impact initiatives, and achieve sustainable growth. 

Daniel and I spoke with on the subject of Peace in episode 135 of this podcast. 

…And in the Jazz Room

We met pianist/composer, Orrin Evans at the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival.

In part two we talk about the origins of a couple of songs featured on his CD and learn about the musicians who are on this CD with him. Find more on Orrin Evans right here.



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