Venture Capital Igniting Rural America?

plus Chelsea Baratz  in The Jazz Room

Images Courtesy of our guest

Many rural regions of the US appear to be at the vanguard of a de-centralization of venture capital.  Specifically, we are seeing a gradual increase in interest on the part of those controlling venture capital streams to ensure we go beyond Boston, New York, San Francisco and Austin.

So can Venture Capital ignite rural economies?  What other critical mass changes are necessary to realize resilient rural economies capable of creating well-paying and meaningful jobs in innovation?  This is the focus of our conversation.

Our guest and is Lauren Bass, Executive Director of LaunchVT in Burlington, VT.  LaunchVT is a project of the Lake Champlain Chamber and Lauren is a seasoned and cosmopolitan entrepreneur with experience in multiple innovation sectors.

…And in the Jazz Room 

We met with many artists at the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival. We talked with saxophonist, Chelsea Baratz and her dog King. She talks about growing up in Pittsburgh and the musicians and teachers who encouraged her, and, her CD “In Faith” Find Chelsea on the Web here. 


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