Why Separation of Powers Matters


Picture of Gardner (MA) City Hall in Summertime
Balance of Power issues close to home

Separation of Powers in a democratic system is key.  The concept shares a parallel in organizaitonal design: checks and balances create an equitable system better governed through the rule of law. In Episode #7 we focus on the bi-cameral municipal system of our fair city, the smallest in Massachusetts and the risks currently presented to our municipal balance by the selection of a new city clerk. 

There has been much discussion about the seperation of powers in our federal system of government as of late.  This has been a poitical concept defended over an over since the founding of our republic.

Perhaps no form of government has a more direct effect on our lives than municipal government.  In our episode on the topic The two Scotts set the stage by describing the bi-cameral system of the Gardner (MA) city charter and how that system may be under threat.

The selection of a new city clerk is important to the balance of power between the city council and the mayor under our system of municipal governance.  It is the focus of the remainder of our episode.  And don’t worry, we’ve added enough humor to keep the show entertinaing while focusing in on a topic of great local importance.

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 With that in mind we’re launching an initiative we’re calling M The Media Project. This is a service of SMGraves Associates and over the months and years ahead we’re hoping to experiment with a variety of mediums, financial models and service delivery methods to deliver important news to a regional audience.  

It is our hope that we will create successful media services companies, incubated right here in central Massachusetts that have the potential of becoming replicable.  

The stakes for our society are too high for us not to take this endeavor on.  There are too many capable journalists across the country willing to take part in new and successful business enterprise dedicated to the smart delivery of local political, social and cultural stories.  The stories that tell us who we are and who we desire to be.

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