I am the Slime

Scott M. Graves
Scott M. Graves, contributing writer and founder of M the Media Project

You will obey me while I lead you 

And eat the garbage that I feed you 

Until the day that we don’t need you 

Don’t go for help…no one will heed you

I want to talk about the slime that has become so pervasive in our society; the slime that’s drooling from the sewers of our little one-horse town.  

One would think that the perverse mind-control of mass media sourced itself from a galaxy far, far away.  When we were all kids it certainly felt that way. 

But we now have at our disposal the personal means to devastate, denigrate and defecate all over each other and our capability to contribute to our community in positive ways. 

The tools to make this possible are simple and readily available…. And before you start screaming at the screen, ‘The innah-net!’ Remember how we’re interacting right now and remember that the lifeless one’s and zero’s making love to electricity to light up your night just now DON’T HAVE PERSONAL AGENCY. 

Our collective lack of intellectual rigor is what put us here.  

Hey, he’s calling us stupid!  Well, in a sense yes I am calling you stupid.  Or at least calling you and I and everybody else, out. 

Remember back in school when bullies committed their senseless acts of unkindness and you said to yourself, ‘I can’t wait to get outta this place and then I won’t have to deal with seeing that crap.’  And you looked the other way on what you just witnessed?

You should have defended the victim publicly. 

Remember when you thought it didn’t matter how much thought you put into writing that paper in your citizenship class?  Why should I care, rich people get to run things no matter what anyways. 

You should have empowered yourself to know exactly how much power a voter actually has. 

Remember when that local elected official belittled the idea you brought forth to them.  Then a month later you saw them belittle someone else in your community.  Then you witnessed an ethics violation and you STILL said nothing to authorities even though you were obligated to do so?

You should have done your civic duty.  Then you should have done your second civic duty and voted for a competent alternative.  

We are not demanding enough from our elected officials.  At any and all levels of government.  We are not exercising our rights as citizens, preferring to express ourselves in mindless ways through a panoply of digital bandwidth options that allows unimportant people to think they are important.  

We then consume said political fodder like its rock candy.

We watch neighbors get excoriated.  We say nothing.  Maybe they aren’t bad people.  But maybe I don’t agree with their politics so maybe I don’t care.  

What happens when  its you?  ‘It won’t be me, I know to keep my mouth shut!’  And congratulations, you’ve disempowered yourself as an American citizen and become part of the slime!


Scotts on the Rocks Politica Special Feature Transparency in State Government 

This is a bi-partisan problem.  As the country has coalesced into enclaves of partisan political perspective we’ve simply become lazier intellectually.  It’s just easier to live amongst people who think like you.  It’s easier to agree with people like you.  It’s easier to gain career, financial or social capital because you go along with the flow.

But the spigot has been opened.  The flow has become a wave of viscous Slime.  Slime from the corncrib.  Slime from the television.  Slime from the downtown street corner, the diner, the Rotary club luncheon.  Slime from the West Wing, Slime from the corner office.  Slime from the local Facebook group dedicated to character assassination.

We must not be exclusive with each other but rather INCLUSIVE.  The slime can’t run through a tightly-threaded textile of human capital; of you and I and all ships at sea banned together, demanding more of each other, demanding better for all, demanding the same of our neighbors that we must demand of ourselves.

Shame on Us, Gardner.

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