Send In the Clowns

View looking east on the Canal Rail Trail, former industrial infrastructure, Turners Falls, MA
from contributing writer Scott J. Graves

Why wasn’t Baker’s Administration prepared to implement the State roll-out and administration of the COVID vaccinations without chaos?

I’ll talk more about the Clown-show sign-up and internet debacle, and the utter confusion that caused a chaotic and inefficient Government roll-out here in Mass. – tomorrow.

What caused Baker’s futility and lack of preparedness?

Was it just in keeping with Governor Baker’s four-year campaign of giving the President the finger?  He had 10 months to plan for this.

I guess Charlie listened instead to Gardnerites United and the Democrats who said it was “impossible” for Trump to get a safe vaccine to the People before 2022.

So, it was like when the Circus sends in the Clowns to take the audience’s eyes off the acrobat who has fallen off the trapeze into a pretzel on the ground. “Oh wait, hold my beer – Trump pulled off Operation Warp Speed?”

Send in the Clowns.

That would explain it.  The Guv has been rooting against Trump for four years – to the glee of every Democrat and Never-Trumper in America.

The phony pundits, with tears in their eyes, call this “bipartisanship.”  It’s so touching.  

The Governor is a phony.  It’s not his fault – he’s a politician.  In real life, there never was, is not now, and never will be “bipartisanship” in the Ruling Class. Charlie is beloved king of the Ruling Class here in Mass.

Baker became the darling of the left for embarrassing Trump, over and over and over again (and also for being, well, a JFK Democrat inside the veneer).

Obviously, when a Republican Governor hammers the Republican President, with theatrically feigned outrage, virtue-signaling, and fake pedantry, it becomes a “bipartisan” hand grenade for the Democrats – not just here, but all over the country. It is still being used as such.

There is nothing more weaponizable against a President’s position than that there is “bi-partisan” opposition to it.

The meaning of this word “bipartisanship” should be self-evident, right?  Not anymore.  In our 2021 Newspeak, the “bi” doesn’t mean “both” anymore.  It means “any.”

I’ll give you a good example of what it means in Newspeak.  On the right-leaning, Conservative think tank known as “CNN,” (I’m kidding – it’s actually one of the Public Relations departments of the DNC), Jake Tapper (D-operative) said this about Trump’ second impeachment:

“it was not just bipartisan – it’s the most bipartisan impeachment in American history.” 

Really?  There were 429 votes cast in the House on that impeachment vote, and 10 Republicans voted to impeach (2% of the body).  But, let’s be fair to Professor Jake.  In 2021 Newspeak –  anything above 0% is “bipartisan.”

Fact. When the Senate voted on the Impeachment articles in Trump’s first impeachment, only one Republican Senator, Willard Romney, voted with the Democrats.  The pundits are still calling that “bipartisan.”  It was, after all, above 0%

It’s like reporting about a Red Sox game – only one guy out of 30,000 fans has a Yankees hat on.  “Well, Jake, looking at what the fans are wearing at Fenway, there is clearly bipartisan support for both teams at today’s game, should be some spirited beer fights in the bleachers. Back to you.”  

Let’s give Charlie a break, though.  In the Mass. House, 18% are Republicans (30 out of 160); in the Mass. Senate, it’s even more embarrassing with 7% Republicans (3 out of 40).  And dwindling.

The Republican Party in Massachusetts – what are you doing?  You are already irrelevant, and you are disappearing fast.  It’s time to disband, and dissolve the Party.  Fecklessness is not a virtue.  Are you embarrassed at all with your utter lack of any approach to relevancy as a Political Party in Massachusetts?  You must have a parachute.  Your plane’s on fire.  Bail out.

Anyway, it’s a Stranger Things parallel universe we are living in.  Baker is not really a “Republican,” and Trump is not really a “Republican.”  Baker goes left, and Trump goes right (in a mix of laissez-faire Capitalism plus Working Class Populism).

While we are all watching the Clowns kicking each other in the rear-ends at Center Ring under the Big Top, Charlie knows he can rest assured now – Biden won.

So, Charlie has his naughty whipping boy to blame for botching the COVID vaccination roll-out.  Better yet, he has him for anything that goes wrong.  The Governor knows he has the same “bye,” a “free pass,” that Biden has.  His reward for hating Trump for 4 years is a piggy-back from Biden.  

Trump can now safely be blamed for everything from every single COVID death (Biden actually blamed every COVID death on Trump) to the Groundhog seeing his shadow.

So, Charlie gets what they all get: Too much rain – “it was Trump.”  Not enough rain – “it was Trump.”  Just the right amount of rain – “it was in spite of Trump.”

Some say that’s not fair/deserved, and some say it is fair/deserved.  No one will ever know (unless you can read Tarot Cards like Gardnerites United can).  Opinion, and seeing angels, cannot be proven empirically – which is why they are opinions, not facts.

But Baker’s free pass of blamelessness will take him right into another term as Governor again in 2022.  We all know he’ll run again – that’s the only reason why he had to hate on Trump for 4 years.  

He’s wicked smart.  If he didn’t hate on Trump for four years, his days as Governor would have been over – as would be his dreams of the Presidency.

So, Baker will be Governor again – until 2026 (unless he runs for President in 2024).  He will have the “bye”- for that entire time.  These “bye’s” last up to 8 years (President Obama used his for 8 years – “W’s fault”).

But, let’s hope Baker’s master key excuse (“Trump did it”) doesn’t give him the habit of sending in the Clowns – like he had to do with the COVID vaccinations.

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