Big Brother Censor

or Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster – Part I

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I recently engaged in conversation with two local neighbors, a long-standing local business owner and a former elected official who offered their opinions on my support for a ‘return’ to investments in transforming our city’s core into a walkable, bike-able, densely populated urban center.  
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Our “Big Brother Censor” (or Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster) – Part I

Shouldn’t The Freedom of Speech be a part of our entire American experience and existence?  Shouldn’t The Freedom of Speech be respected and enforced in all aspects of our American Society?

Well, it isn’t.

The biggest word in “The Freedom of Speech” is the “The.”  It’s not “a” Freedom of Speech, it is The Freedom of Speech. It’s critical that the Founders used the word “the,” and not “a,” because they were precisely denoting (with the conscious choice of one tiny word over another) that the Constitution was not creating a new freedom.  It was merely protecting our Freedom of Speech which existed long before our Constitution came to be.  Americans have always had this freedom, even when we were ruled by a King.

Now, for the first time ever, we are losing it.

When Americans push back against Facebook and Twitter for censoring them, the reaction of the Big Tech defenders is: “there’s nothing you can do, they are private companies, and the First Amendment only applies to state (public) action; if you don’t like it, start your own Facebook (or Google).”

Our Freedom of Speech is only protected when the Government is trying to deprive us of it.  Big Brother Censor (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, et al – a/k/a The Big Tech Oligopoly) is free to trounce The Freedom of Speech – because they are not the Government.

Something has to change.

As is it, our reality is that if you are prohibited from obtaining information that Google believes is not good for you – then you just can’t have it. Google controls 95% of all searches – if that does not scare you, it should at least sicken you.

As it is, our reality is that if Facebook, Twitter, etc. decide you can’t talk, then you don’t get to talk – you are banned (exiled, for life perhaps).

So, our thoughts, our ideas – are now fully regulated and controlled by Big Brother Censor.

It might seem to you that this reality of modern society is not affecting you right now – that it only adversely affects some other people’s Freedom of Speech.  But, make no mistake – it will end up obliterating everyone’s Freedom of Speech.

The Freedom of Speech is becoming “The Freedom of Speech (Which is Approved in Advance).”

I hate to use another 1984 – Orwell reference, because such references are becoming banal – both by overuse and by reality.  Reality has outgrown science fiction.  We are living in a dystopian society – novels aren’t necessary to describe them.  Pre-2021, we needed to use some imagination to accept 1984’s nowprescient warning that totalitarian control of thought (and, thus, life) was right around the corner.

For those of you who did not get prior approval from Big Brother Censor for your thoughts, and those of you who want to learn about things that Big Brother Censor says are bad for you, you have just become obsolete (see The Obsolete Man, by Rod Serling) – because Big Brother Censor said so.

Big Brother Censor is now destroying everyone’s Freedom of Speech as we know it.  Congress is sitting back and feeding the Donor Class – doing nothing about it.

It just so happens that the first victims thrown to the wolves are the conservatives.  The immediate example that is thrown in our faces is the recent Presidential Election, and its aftermath – and the current atmosphere in this country which has resulted.

As we all know, persons who consider themselves of the “conservative” brand of political ideology had two choices in the recent Presidential Election.  One choice was the Democrat candidate, (now President) Joseph Biden (widely described as a progressive liberal).  The other choice was the Republican candidate, Donald Trump (widely described as a populist-conservative).

Some Americans, believe it or not, have a conservative-minded ideology.  Maybe it’s because they are religious and don’t support abortion, maybe because they don’t like Big Government, maybe because they want to keep their guns, etc.  Whatever the reason – you always had the right to be conservative in this country.  Not anymore.

But, with every general ideology, there are many facets of it.  For example, you might hate everything the Republican candidate stands for, but you really like your guns – so you vote for him/her anyway. 

For obvious reasons, it is the conservatives that Big Brother Censor has singled out for broad-based Censorship.

Now, you might approve of all that ruination and destruction of Americans based on a political ideology you see as repugnant and wrong.  All your friends, and your choice of network cable news anchors, probably agree with you.

But, just as in the case of Dr. Frankenstein, when you give life to an uncontrollable monster, it will come back to destroy you, too.  Big Brother Censor is our monster.

If someone is saying or doing something unlawful, we have laws for that.  They can be arrested, and they can be punished – they can be sued.  If they are not doing something unlawful, then they get to say it and do it.  Either way, it should be none of Big Brother Censor’s business.  

So, why did we let Big Brother Censor take over – and make it their business?

The monster has been released.  It cannot be controlled now without legislative action.  I will talk about that in Part Two, tomorrow.

The parents of censorship are ignorance and fear.  What happens next?  Our 500-year American Culture of free speech and ideas will be replaced with the new Cancel Culture of censorship and personal destruction.

Once the monster gets out, it cannot be easily contained.  It will come for you, too.

The final product of this scourge and pestilence will be the final death of Freedom of Speech, and the country will no longer be free.

Part Two, tomorrow – restraining Big Brother Censor and its “company town.”

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