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I recently engaged in conversation with two local neighbors, a long-standing local business owner and a former elected official who offered their opinions on my support for a ‘return’ to investments in transforming our city’s core into a walkable, bike-able, densely populated urban center.  
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Happy Birthday, President George Unwashington – First We’ll Impeach You, Then We’ll Cancel You.

For the sake of argument, let’s say there is precedent for holding a Senate trial to convict a former President of an impeachment charge without any due process in the House referral (“any” is the correct word).

If there were such precedent, it would be unconstitutional.

Sane elected government officials do not follow unconstitutional precedent.  Look no further than the Dred Scott case, or Plessy v. Ferguson.

Any question about such precedent is no longer a question – Trump’s second impeachment trial having gone to conclusion in the Senate, now we do have precedent.

Using the theories advanced by the Democrats, there is nothing in the Constitutional principles of impeachment that requires the former President to actually be alive in order to be impeached.

So, before we finish canceling George Washington, let’s impeach him.

If a President can’t be impeached for having slaves, then what can he be impeached for?  Seriously.

He will be forever known as George Unwashington (in Newspeak – see below).

This will all be in keeping with the societal menace that is so in style today – cancel culture.

Many American’s (i.e., those “on” social media) accept the virtuousness of today’s “cancel culture.”  Otherwise, it would not be tolerated – never mind be such a popular form of post-modern entertainment.

Impeachment is just a glorified form of “cancelation” – and fits right into our cancel culture.  It’s fun. 

Social media cancelation is just the impeachment of regular people.

But, let’s be honest about it. Whether you are cheering it on, or dreading that you will be next, cancelation is the destruction of a human existence, it’s the ruination of a human life.

This is not exaggeration.  This is not “drama” – as wicked smart people like to say when they can’t come up with, well, a thought.

Maybe you are one of those Americans who think it’s o.k. to destroy another human’s life based upon what he or she now thinks, or on something he/she said or did 20 years ago (or yesterday), 0r 250 years ago.

Cancelation is brutal.  If you are still alive, you have no future – your past defines you forever.  Cancelation for the living means you are not allowed the benefit of having changed your thoughts – you must forever wear the Scarlet Letter of whatever “incorrect” thought you ever had in high school.   

When you die, the only part of you that will remain is your Scarlet Letter.

Just ask George Unwashington.

So, cancelation for a living human is utter destruction.  

Without social media, this instant cancelation of a living human could never happen.

If you have chosen to be “on” social media – you have accepted a huge responsibility.  I don’t envy you.  

It’s your duty to always stay on guard, or “get off” it.  If you’re “on” it, you chose to make yourself a member of the cancelation culture society.  

So, when the mob has lined up a living human being on social media for the firing squad of cancelation (destruction), you can’t just sit back and say, “don’t look at me, I didn’t hit ‘like’” – and scroll on by.

That’s the same thing as attending a public bonfire to burn a “witch” for reading “Fahrenheit 451,” and you say “I didn’t throw any wood on the fire.” 

You chose to be “on” social media.  No one forced you to “be” there.  It’s all fun and games when a social media warrior is starting shit about someone not moving their car off the road when it snows 2 inches.  You being silent about such horrible injustices might just be good sense.

But, it’s a matter of life and death for the human who social media has lined up for cancelation.  You just scrolling on by without commenting is the same thing as yelling “do it!”

All it takes is one social media warrior to single out a human being for cancelation.  But, it takes the social media mob to accomplish his/her ultimate cancellation.

This instant destruction of human life can only happen on social media.  Only the participants “on” social media can prevent it.

All it takes is a nine-word comment: “it’s not human to do this to a human.”  I’m sure there’s a GIF for that for the comics who can’t write thoughts in words.

Once someone is canceled, it cannot be erased.  The victim is not just ruined for today.  He/she is ruined forever.

The line of infinity goes both ways. 

Just ask George Unwashington.  

He is not just canceled into the future.  Everything he accomplished in the past is erased.  Every principle and foundational bit of sense and wisdom he left the World, the Worldwide esteem and respect he obtained during his lifetime and throughout the 250 or so years since he walked on Earth – all vaporized.

Coming soon to a Capitol near you – Welcome to Unwashington, D.C. (“right over there is the Unwashington Monument”).

Orwell has shown us how to do this.  Newspeak will fix our thinking.  It’s also cost-effective.  You just put the prefix “un” in front of the horrible peoples’ names.

That way, the monstrous former President is denoted as having been appropriately vaporized by our virtuous post-modern society (with the prefix “un”).  That is Newspeak for “never having been.”

At the same time, we keep the root word, “washington,” – while also properly belittling him with the lower case “w.”  

There’s more – as a society, “unwashington” also pronounces and perfects our own self-flagellation penance – by keeping the former President’s unpresence (“unwashington”), we, as an enlightened society, are signaling that we are woke now.

Finally, and the best part, it is a reminder that an unperfect human like George Unwashington doesn’t deserve to be measured by his time, or his life.  He must be measured by ours.  

It’s a terrific lesson for our children – 0nly erect memorials for perfect humans.  

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