It’s Cinematic!  Bruce on the Rocks

Oh no! Our namesake is missing this week on Scotts on the Rocks Politica, but have no fear! Host Bruce Chester and Producer Cameron McLeod can manage and fill the void!

The topic presented by our host this week revolves around Hollywood, and the idea of movies being the vessel for specific political messages and agendas, instead of creating a story for the sake of the story and art platform that it is. Using the current climate of the movie making giant, as well as the climate of the early and mid 20th century, they talk about how a staple of American culture such as cinema paints the broad picture of what its people are feeling.

Along side this topic, Bruce and Cam talk about the importance of being well versed in subjects before making an opinion on said subjects, as well as ponder what the effects of “being woke” has.

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